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This video compilation is a collection of evidence proving the true dire conditions of humanity. Make no mistake, we are now in the beginning of the End Times. The tactics used by Lucifer are not obvious, most people are ignorant to the fact that they are puppets on his strings, dancing to the Devil's tune. With the ever encroaching censorship by the tech companies, the partisan and propagandized media and corrupt politicians it is becoming more and more difficult to get accurate information and truthful news unfiltered.  Our Lady warned us at Fatima & La Salette, and many other places of what would happen if we did not turn to God and follow her instructions but, sadly, we didn't, the 3rd secret was never released, not even in 1960 the year Our Lady requested the pope to make the secret public, will we finally listen before it's too late?

Apocalypse 2020


If you would rather watch this playlist and videos on YouTube here is the link:

Pray Repent Prepare

  • YouTube Apocalypse 2020 Playlist
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