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Crypto Cult

The globalists want us to use ANY digital currency right now, in order to acclimate the public to a purely digital based system and like China, when they're ready to strike they will eventually shut down any digital currency that isn't their global currency.

If you truly understood just how much control they already have over every aspect of our lives you would never use digital currency. They own every government, every army, every bank, and they run the regulatory bodies that oversee these agencies, they make almost all of our products, they control the media, news & networks, they control ALL of the major social media platforms, they own our hospitals & 'charity' organizations, they own hollywood and the 'celebrities' they run the largest corporations on earth and they CONTROL ALL of the financial markets. They own the very companies that make our electronic hardware, that write the software, that control our access to the internet (ISP, cellphone providers, they've infiltrated governmental oversight & regulatory bodies like the FCC).. In order to even use digital currencies you have to use their products which are governed by their people and even though we might own the products, they have control over them, they have written themselves backdoors into all of our computer systems..

Digital currency requires using their products and their systems, no electricity means no digital currency. We know there plan is to kill energy production and consumption, so we need to understand that in the future we might not have power, this is already happening in many nations.. Also with the means of production being drastically severed we might lose access to the equipment we need for digital currencies. No matter how you look at it, digital is not the way forward out of this global tyranny.

Do you want to see where this tyranny is headed? Just look up Bill Gates patent #060606.

One last point to consider is a psychological and spiritual factor, the Bitcoin/crypto cheerleaders have become a cult.. They're obsessed. If they hear ANY criticism they become maniacal and irate, their brain shuts off and they refuse to hear anything that doesn't affirm their cultist beliefs.. The fact that there is a strong and ever prevelant disconnect from reality within the digital currency cult, should make you pause and question their oddly placed fervency for a digital system that will be used to enslave humanity.

Pray Repent Prepare

God Bless.

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