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Below you will find recommended links to reliable
sources of News and Information

*Not every Website/Article/Show/Episode/Podcast in the provided links necessarily represents the values of Northern Light.
It is up to you to decide whether the information is prudent and/or credible.*

Due to the ever increasing censorship of the truth and of anyone whom dares to go against the manufactured narrative,
some of the links may not work or might be disabled. Please be patient as we continually update our information.

Our tyrannical governments, with the cooperation of the medical fields, corporate media and the tech oligarchies, not just the Social Media Platforms but, website hosts, online payment services, internet service providers, banks, cell phone providers, search engines, hospitals, clinics, box stores, etc, are working in concert to implement the New/One World Order. The largest corporations and nations on Earth are working in cooperation with one another, in a concerted effort to establish the New/One World Order, which is the destruction of souls, by way of diabolical methods like depopulation of the world through infanticide (abortion), sterilization ('vaccines') and eugenics. They're in the process of tagging & tracking humans like cattle, dumbing down society and indoctrinating children through the public education system (grade schools & so-called 'universities'), in conjunction with 'vaccines' and the poisoning of our food & water supplies with toxins, both of which cause cancer, tumors, low IQ's, autism, low or non-existent fertility rates, etc, etc, etc... Through the manipulation of politics, information, history, news, TV, movies, media, education and medicine, demonic forces have infiltrated and subverted every facet of our society, deceptively coercing and tricking the masses into participating in demonic rituals, as well as normalizing sins and turning Good into 'bad' & Bad into 'good'. The evil forces, and their human compatriots, which seek to destroy our world and violate God's natural order & commandments, are ultimately trying to damn as many souls as they can and to distort, pervert and obliterate what remains of Christendom. If you value your mind, body and soul STAY AWAY from Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Netflix, Walmart, Target, Blaze TV, Glen Beck, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, or any media, corporation, radio/TV/social media personality or corporation which deceives you and subverts Christian values.
Look at their actions, not merely their words.

We need to look at everything in this world through a lens of morality and faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Along with news & resources you'll find alternative platforms below that are friendly to Christian sensibilities and morals.
Pray to the Lord for the ability to discern the Truth from the ever pervasive fiction prevailing in our society, regardless of where you get your information and connect with others, remain vigilant.

and always


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