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Crypto is NOT a Solution

The primary goal of the globalist agenda is to have everyone use digital currency.. They want to normalize its use in the public consciousness, then collapse our economic systems and enslave us through forced use of digital 'currencies' of their choosing and a traceable (real world & online) G.I. (government issued, which includes corporations since they work in tandem) individual digital ID (identification). We cannot thwart the efforts of the globalists by using their systems and playing right into their hands, which you are doing if you use digital 'currencies'. Digital currencies are dependent upon numerous factors just to work and be used, unlike cash, which is why they are trying to obliterate paper money. The globalists own the production industries which mine the minerals used to make your electronics, they own companies that make the electronics on which digital currencies are transacted and stored. They own the computer engineering technology and businesses which write the operating systems, programs and software for those electronics, they own the banks and the financial markets which control the price of crypto. They own the power companies which are necessary for you to turn on your devices or make a transaction with crypto in the first place. They own your nation and they can manipulate a thousand different factors to control crypto, e.g. YOU.

During the fallout of WWII and the Great Depression the inflation was so high that millions were starving, as a result many communities minted their own currency in order to stave off the devaluation of their money (livelihood, savings, etc). These communities used wooden coins, paper scripts, locally made gold coins and other creative options to make their currency and survive. Paper money on a gold standard is the most safe and reliable option for a nation-wide currency, which is not easily (centrally) controlled, tracked and beneficial to a global government. However since our government is corrupt the most optimal avenue for decentralization is to stop using not just digital currencies but, government and federal reserve (which is a PRIVATE COMPANY) currencies as well, e.g. the US Dollar $ 💵, and instead use a local community paper money scrip (similar to a certificate) to buy locally from your community, which will enrich the community, allow you to forgo the financial setbacks of the ever increasing inflation and which will bring the globalist agenda to a grinding halt. Digital currencies are not a solution, they are a trap to enslave you.

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