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The Two-Party Deceit - Banned from Lifesite


I should preface my comment by saying that there are NO GOOD POLITICIANS ON EITHER SIDE, the only difference is their approach at establishing their global governancy. Republicans give you the 'warm feelings' (false comforting lies w/schemes) while they pillage the Nation and the Democrats tell you, to your face, that you're trash while destabilizing every facet of our society and economy. Perhaps I'm overtly pedantic in my scrutiny but Rand Paul is much like Kristi Noem and Ted Cruz. They make bad decisions but are not called on them in the public sphere and when they make the correct (good) choice (either through sheer statistically probability or a brief moment of lucidity) they are celebrated and cheered on as though they are spotless and their crimes and their bad policies (tyranny) are swept under the rug, e.g. caught in the wake of the mass amnesia that has lulled the world to fall in love with the blades of a chain saw (communism/socialism).

Rand Paul had his very public tiss with Mr. Fauci and the Republicans applauded and the boob tube viewers cheered, "see now there is a guy whom fights for the people".. That's what they actually say. Yet they ignore the fact that Rand refused to actually do anything about Fauci, he un-apologetically wasted hours of our time, energy and effort by babbling incoherently at Fauci on national tv about masks, yet being extra careful to not breach the 'approved' topic, i.e. what is socially acceptable. See, we live in a modernist society (devastating..) what is true today may not be true tomorrow for the modernist, that's the trap, because that would mean nothing is true, which we know to be false, but for the purposes of this conversation, Rand picked and chose his words carefully, to the discerning eye, it was very obvious, none of what he had said made any sense. The Rand and Fauci 'controversy' was really a dance, stage play/theatre, act/show, staged confrontation, it was a 'socially approved' government issued message, to engage a tug of war (Left vs. Right & Right vs. Right) in the minds of the now ex-patriated citizens (now denizens) of the Communist States of America.. Rand refused to address several important facts about this supposed 'outbreak' of the Novel Coronavirus (*this word is now taboo*, also it means "the New Crown of Satan" in Latin), firstly masks are the symptom of a tyrannical cause, the cause being 'covid-19' and the handsy (over reaching) arms of our Novel Communist Government, whom have never even proved the existence of the supposed (not-so-illusive) "covid-19" to begin with, the CDC and NIH (all of the alphabet soup agencies) NEVER ISOLATED THE VIRUS, IN ANY PERSON, ANYWHERE. > > In fact, no government ANYWHERE on Earth has isolated the 'virus'.

As for Kristi Noem... Well, when she (by way of an anomaly, I'm sure) was celebrated in the media (not an uncommon occurrence anymore) for NOT acting like an ego-maniacal dictator (the recent purgative of the majority of every governor) they threw her an actual parade in her home State and the look on her face while waving and watching the parade was not of gratitude but disgust.. Since then, she has made sure that girls will have to shower in front of men and occasionally, likely when she gets her orders, she slips up and acts like a decent human being.. Yet still a poor leader.

Whenever these politicians (*spits*) have a prim glistening appearance in the public spotlight, or some semblance thereof, by doing the 'right thing', this means that, in the arenas which make the politicians look good, there were concessions by the globalists, whom have had to adjust their plan for world domination due to public pressure. The areas that they make sweeping dictatorial (anti-Constitution & anti-Bill of Rights, actually Human Rights Violations in general) changes in the structure of society, and ultimate to the morality of what it means to be human, and created in the image of God, ARE ALL A PART OF THE PLAN. The purported "bad decisions" are meant to look sloppy as though are leaders are just bumbling idiots running around like chickens with their heads cut off, they want us to think "Well, Joe, definitely has dementia. So his unilateral usurpation of the white house is "cute" not at all creepy and EVIL." The same goes for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE SCUM we call 'leaders'. I apologize for the cynicism, but the more I dig into what our own leaders are actually doing to this Nation, the more clearer I see that we are lost and corrupt.. (possibly irreparably).

What's worse, there is a STRONG case for diabolical disorientation that has clouded the minds of the people. In 2020, when they announced their 'plandemic', an invisible switch was flipped in the minds (creeping into the soul) of the masses, it seemed as though 2/3rds of the people were unable, or unwilling, to look out for anyone, or anything, other than themselves, they became nearly instantly unwilling to listen to reason, evidence, or facts, anything which challenges their comfortable world view (lie). Worse yet, since the trumpets sounded in March 2020, the number of sane.. individuals has diminished greatly. We are living out the words in the Bible. Those whom do not seek God are being left to their own devices, its as though God lightly lifted his touch to allow those whom want to follow the Ruler of this world to go on there not-so merry way. Although the news is bad, the Word is Good, if we choose God, that's whom we will get but, the same goes for the children of darkness, they can, and do, choose Satan, and as a result they get the Devil himself.

We are watching the annihilation of humanity, through the loss of God, Goodness and Morality, from the minds of the masses. They are content to set themselves on fire, they don't understand that the New World Government is the global governance MADE for the coming of the anti-christ, whom will sit at the head of the UN's New/One World Order.

Pray Repent Prepare, friend. God Bless.

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