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Mandatory 'covid testing' for Airlines is in the process of being implemented, on top of the already forced masks..

How are people not outraged? Is nobody paying attention? Well, they will when we are not allowed to buy groceries without a Covid-1984 ID/Passport, but by then it will be too late.

I refuse to even wear a mask (the mark of subjugation), let alone to be injected with the Cell Engineering/Gene Editing technology that they call a 'vaccine'. If I never fly again that's fine by me, I value my soul exponentially more than the temporal comforts of this world.

The fact that it contains aborted fetal cells alone should be enough of a reason for EVERY American to refuse it all costs.

Are the elderly in nursing homes that are dying from this Cell Engineering Technology even being told that it's experimental? Or that it contains the body parts of murdered children? Or that it actually COMPROMISES their immune system? Or the fact that it's significantly more dangerous than the supposed covid-19 virus which is 9-10X's safer than the common flu?

Are the nursing home residents even given a CHOICE???

SERIOUSLY is nobody asking these questions?!?!

Many Nursing home CNA'S & Nurses having been speaking out (& being silenced) saying that not even the resident's (elderly) family members are being contacted for permission to inject their family member with an unknown substance that was made by a giant corporation that cannot be held liable for the deaths and permanent disabilities as a result of their 'vaccine'. No joke, the pharmaceutical companies have indemnity, they cannot be held accountable or even sued in the court systems...

The audacity and sheer arrogance of our 'leaders' to completely disregard our constitutionally protected freedoms & GOD GIVEN RIGHTS by assuming they even have the authority to violate our independence and autonomy to make decisions about OURSELVES, is beyond astounding. I feel I need to define my point here, the constitution explicitly states in no uncertain terms that "we are endowed with inalienable rights by our Creator", the Lord Almighty. Inalienable means that they CANNOT be perverted, destroyed, altered or hindered in ANYWAY, yet regardless of this fact they are perverting, destroying, altering and hindering our rights at every opportunity they are provided.

The same people championing the Cell Engineering Technology are also the same ones screaming "my body, my choice" So, what, this slogan only applies to murder, not vaccines?? This is the ridiculous, ironic and infuriating hypocrisy that has me avoiding society, which, not coincidentally, produced these sad nonsensical hedonists.

Do people not even know that forcing this medical experimentation upon the masses is a VIOLATION of the NUREMBERG CODE? The code that was created during the Nuremberg trials because of the horrible GROTESQUE EXPERIMENTS done by the NAZIS?

Who, really, are the Nazis of our times? Anyone promoting this abomination, that's who and anyone that contributes to the evil ideology behind it.

As Dr. Vernon Cole has stated, those that administered the Gene Editing Technology are guilty of WAR CRIMES.

There should be an uprising against this atrocity of imbibing the body parts of the most precious among us, our children. If there is any reason for civil unrest, to take to the streets in extraordinary numbers, demanding that this abomination be banned and that OUR MONEY is no longer used towards funding this disgusting iniquity, this is it.

My heart weeps for the poor little innocent souls murdered at the behest of their own parents, just so that their tiny limbs and organs can be used in a concoction, that may or may not help a person avoid the sniffles. To be clear, even if covid-19 was equivalent to the black plague it still does NOT excuse using this substance, nothing does.

What is more UNNATURAL than for a parent to BRUTALLY kill their child out of a sense of 'inconvenience'. It goes against every biological, emotional, spiritual & religious truth. It is perhaps one of the most basic instincts that we have as humans, to protect our children. I just cannot fathom going against every single one of my core values, I KNOW I couldn't live with myself if I did.

I TRULY cannot think of anymore reprehensible or fitting as the Mark of the Beast, to signify an allegiance to the ruler of this world, Lucifer, father of lies, Beelzebub, Son of the Dawn, Satan himself, than for a parent to sacrifice their child on the altar of science with complete disregard to actual science, while holding a self righteous arrogant err about them which compels them to not only CELEBRATE their infanticide but to force those of us who disagree to FUND it and to FORCE other nations that don't want abortion to 'ACCEPT' it or the consequences of not bowing to the Devil (like withholding aid & funding, which the usurper biden just did).

It is possible that some of these parents could be injected with the liquified body of their own child.... This puts even the Aztecs to shame (in the realm of evil).

This alone signifies that we are living in the End Times, and the fact that many people don't even bat an eye at the most impious, unnatural, vile, depraved & blasphemous act in ALL of HUMAN HISTORY only goes to show the true dire state we are in.


God Bless

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